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About Unfair Mario

This is not the normal Mario game I knew while growing up. I have played many games in my lifetime but this is just unique and twisted in its own way.

It is based on the common, well-known Mario game, which was a hit back in the day. It has the same graphics and even the same Mario character, but it has a twist to it. There are traps everywhere and this makes you think you are re-enacting World War 1 or are in another one entirely. This makes the game a bit frustrating to play and at the same time fun and enjoyable.

The whole game is riddled with traps and and recalling their locations is quite challenging. The good thing about this game, is the fact that checkpoints are not so far apart and thus you can get quite far if you are careful. The traps however are always out to get you, even the game warns you saying, "not everything is as it seems!" A caution just telling you to be careful and paranoid about death in the game.

The game records the number of deaths you experience and this becomes a source of humor and just makes you want to prove to yourself that you can indeed beat the game at its own, well, game.

The graphics are easy on the eyes and are simple. Clouds smile in the background and it still has the same layout as the original Mario game, it just takes you back to the past and you feel like a child again. Despite the many deaths you will encounter and the few levels you will complete, you will enjoy this game and you will find yourself playing it over and over, despite not having a reason to go on. This is indeed an addictive game with a new twist to it. If you want to complete Unfair Mario, you are going to have to recall where all the traps have been set and find your way through. At the end of the day, you will find that this game is indeed fair, as it brings with it a twist that should be in all games out there.