Unfair Mario

Unfair Mario will teach you that life is unfair and not everything is what it seems. You don't see any danger, it looks like an easy and boring game, you make a few steps and ... bang! You die. Your favorite character dies from nothing. You have to memorize the trap and go beyond it and bang! ... Another trap. Another life is lost. This is what Unfair Mario is about. A deadly, annoying, almost impossible game which you must complete.

Inspired by Cat Mario, this Mario fan-made game is the opposite of any other game especially of the classic platform games. It's full of traps of which you have no indication. You need to play the game, once when you die because of a hidden trap, then again to get in to the next one, then again and again. It's seems unfair mario is created only to generate insane levels of frustration. But, after all, this is why games are about; the hardest the better you feel when to complete each level.